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1. Prompt Action -- Have you ever heard of a statute of limitations? It is a legal concept by which a party (be it the state or a private person) must initiate their legal action (arrest & prosecution, filing of a lawsuit etc.) or be forever barred from a remedy through the courts. Simple concept, right? For an example click here to see the statute of limitations under California Law for common legal situations.

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When you have been arrested for committing a crime, it is imperative to have a strong and experienced San Diego criminal defense attorney on your side. A criminal lawyer in San Diego is knowledgeable about how the criminal justice system works and they will do everything possible to make sure the charges against you are reduced or dismissed altogether.

Challenging Evidence in DUI Cases

Our San Diego criminal defense lawyers have been successful in defending clients by challenging the blood alcohol readings. A Breathalyzer error can occur for the following reasons:

Improper Calibration

The machine settings must be calibrated properly on a routine basis. Most portable machines must be calibrated at least every six months. The higher end Breathalyzer machines must also be calibrated, but on a less frequent basis.


Anyone who suffers from diabetes often have high acetone level in their system. Acetone is one of the substances that can be mistakenly identified as ethyl alcohol by some machines.

Hematocrit Reading

Some machines assume that the person’s hematocrit level in their blood is 47 percent even though hematocrit values can range from 42 to 52 percent in men and from 37 to 47 percent in women. An individual with a lower percentage may end up with a falsely high reading.

Absorption Rate

The absorption rate of alcohol can continue for a certain period of time after the person has stopped drinking and the BAC level may have increased since the person was actually driving.

Gastrointestinal Reflux

Acid reflux disease can cause natural alcohols to build up in the stomach. People who suffer from this condition burp up alcohol into the mouth resulting in a false reading.


People who regularly work with certain types of products, such as paint thinner, gasoline and cleaning fluids often register a false positive reading.

When to Hire a San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer

California is one of the worst states in which you could face a felony conviction. A San Diego criminal lawyer may be able to persuade a judge to reduce the charges or dismiss the charges altogether for lack of evidence. When you are facing serious criminal charges, hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer San Diego is extremely important.


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