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A good fit for an attorney and a client begins with trust and understanding. Any old attorney can be licensed by California but that does not insure the you have the best attorney for you.  That is why every call to begins with a free, in depth, client intake interview. Whether you seek a personal injury lawyer to recover damages after an accident or a family law lawyer to navigate divorce you will be matched with the best lawyer for your specific legal and personal needs. Dedication to client understanding is what makes our legal network successful.

Erikha is an actual client of In this brief video, she describes the special brand of service provided by her San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney in her misdemeanor case out of the Central Branch of the San Diego Superior Court. Just a small preview of the customer service experience you will enjoy when you contact .  

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Proven Legal Solutions since 2001 by Experienced San Diego Criminal Defense Attorneys. was founded by two San Diego Criminal Defense Attorneys with a combined 27 years of trial and litigation experience. This background has demonstrated some compelling truths about what goes into a successful legal outcome. How your criminal defense attorney negotiates with prosecutors matters. The relationship that your criminal defense attorney has with local judges will have a profound impact on the settlement of your case. The manner in which a criminal defense attorney vigorously questions witnesses at the preliminary hearing can be the difference between an acquittal and a conviction. The quality and passions of the arguments your criminal defense attorney makes to jurors at the end of a felony jury trial can have lasting life consequences. was created to link persons accused of crimes with an experienced criminal defense attorney. To link personal injury accident victims with an experienced personal injury lawyer. We are here to link exploited workers with experienced labor law attorneys. We are here to link professionals in need of license defense with experienced professional license defense attorneys.

Practicing as San Diego Criminal defense lawyer is the ultimate high stakes proving ground for any attorney. This criminal jury trial experience has given us connections to the very best and brightest attorneys to handle your legal situation.

Remember, your legal situation is unique. Only you understand that your rights are being violated. But being in the right is not enough. Victory in legal proceedings comes only to those who use the optimal strategy and exploit the procedural rules in their favor. This Calfornia-based website links you to the tools and professionals that are the keys for victory.

Welcome to the best relationship that you will ever have with an attorney. 

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Payment Plans Available

We understand that sometimes good people face criminal charges. We do not turn away good people of money.

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Areas of Practice

Felony Criminal Cases

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS – Did you know that police officers in California take a POST (Police Officers Standards and Training) Certification Course as part of their training? Passing such a class allows them to make hearsay statements in court at a preliminary hearing. That is to say, they may actually tell a judge something somebody else told them and it counts as evidence against you! The witness doesn’t even have to be there. A preliminary hearing is the first step on the road to a felony jury trial and possibly prison. Evidence admissibility matters. You must speak to an experienced lawyer who understands all of the law related to the admissibility of evidence long before your first court date.

This is just one of the rules that will govern the outcome of a criminal defense case! Experience matters. Our attorneys have a combined 27 years of San Diego Criminal Defense experience and over the years have litigated 100's of felony cases to successful outcomes. Your case will be handled by litigators who know the rules, the prosecutors, the court staffs and have appeared before scores of San Diego Superior Court Judges.

Our Promise to You:

Help us to understand your goals and we will do everything in our power to get you the most just outcome available. 

Types of San Diego Felony Criminal Cases

DUI with Injury - Domestic Violence - Hit & Run - Sexual Assault - Vandalism - Road Rage - Sexual Exploitation of a Minor - Grand Theft - Identity Theft - Child Molestation - Murder - Possession for Sales of Drugs/Narcotics - Pimping and Pandering for Prostitution - Mortgage Fraud - Vehicle Theft - Assault - DUI with Felony Priors -Federal Marijuana Sales - Federal Marijuana Cultivation - Robbery - Armed Robbery - Evading a Police Officer - Commercial Burglary - Residential Burglary

Driver’s Licenses

The DMV says that you have received one too many speeding tickets in a 6 months period and they are about to SUSPEND YOUR LICENSE. What options do you have?You go to renew your license and the DMV reports that a DUI 10 years ago in a state 1500 miles away is triggering a license suspension. You have to drive to support yourself and your family. Now what? You need to speak with a lawyer who is familiar with DMV procedure immediately. Our attorneys have handled literally hundreds (100s) of DMV administrative hearings.


A CPS Agent calls and says they are investigating a report of CHILD ABUSE and they want to ask you a few questions. You are a good parent who would never harm your child, but quickly realize after a few minutes of the conversation that you are the focus of the investigation. Your ex-spouse calls you making accusations and you are pretty sure you are being recorded. What now?

Dependency Proceedings can happen so quickly it will make your head spin. Doctors and children's psychologists will swear all day in court that you must have been the cause of your child’s injury. This process can take away your parental rights. You must speak with an experienced defense attorney or a dependency lawyer immediately.


YOUR EMPLOYER REFUSES TO PAY YOU! What are your remedies for compelling them to pay you the money you are owed? People at work say and do things as part of “office culture” that make you feel uncomfortable. When you complain to management, you are retaliated against and your hours are cut. What now? Network Attorneys

Professional License Defense:

Attorney Natalia Matusik is former CA Deputy Attorney General and an endorsed provider of CA license defense services. [click photo to visit]

Attorney Natalia Matusik is former CA Deputy Attorney General and an endorsed provider of CA license defense services. [click photo to visit]

Personal Injury

Your life is going great. You are utilizing your education, building your career and forming lasting and loving relationships. Between spin class and walking to the post office you've even managed to drop a few pounds. Life is good...

CRASH!!!! BITE!!!! SLIP!!!

Without warning and completely beyond your control another person, a negligent motorist, a distracted dog owner, a store owner who forgot the "Wet Floor/Piso Mojado" sign crosses your path and that which you have secretly taken for granted during your meteoric rise, your healthy energetic body, is taken from you. The job, the family life, the recreation that formed the basis of your existence is now imperiled.

Finding the right personal injury lawyer is the first step towards getting the treatment and financial support you deserve.  The best part is you will not be charged unless a monetary recovery is obtained.  You have nothing to lose and you deserve justice.

The first step is speaking with a considerate and experienced attorney who will assess the strengths and weakness of your case, verify the statute of limitations for your recovery and bring the compensation you deserve from those who have harmed you.


Criminal background checks can be the difference between being hired for a new job or even admitted to a foreign country during a vacation. Your courthouse identity is a permanent marker of who you are and how you are perceived. Speak to an San Diego criminal defense attorney today about cleaning up your record.

California Law adopted Proposition 47 in November 2014. It turned a lot of crimes that used to be felonies into misdemeanors BUT you have to ask the Court for them. The process is wrapped in layers of bureaucracy and hearings AND time is running out to make these requests. You need to speak to a lawyer who understands the nuances of felony reduction.

Types of Probation/Post Conviction San Diego Criminal Defense Cases

Early termination of probation – Expungement – Reduction of felony to misdemeanor – Diversion non compliance – Appearance on bench warrants – Transfer probation to another county – Transfer probation from another county – Authorization to travel for work – Authorization to travel for pleasure– Conversion of formal probation to summary probation – Withdrawal of plea – Reassignment to DUI 1st Conviction Program – Reassignment to Multiple Conviction Program (SB38) – motion for factual innocence


This just in, people do not always play fair at the end of a relationship. New legislation in California now says that a person can obtain a restraining order against their spouse without having to do anything more than swearing on paper that something awful was done. If you are the “Respondent” or accused person in a restraining order, you must now surrender all firearms and possibly be prohibited from seeing your children or even entering your own home until a judge can conduct a hearing which may take several weeks. It is a HUGE advantage in a divorce proceeding. Protect yourself from an order that can redefine the next 3-5 years of your life by arranging to speak with an experienced restraining order attorney now.

Military Diversion

San Diego Attorneys appreciate United States Armed Forces

Criminal Law Overview of California Military Diversion Statute (Penal  Code § 1001.80)

California appreciates the contribution of members of the United States Armed Forces. Further, the California legislature understands that such service can carry emotional and psychological scars, lasting years or even decades after the member’s service has concluded.  Sometimes these scars manifest themselves and result in the service member’s arrest and prosecution for misdemeanor offenses.

TO THAT END, in 2014, the California Legislature enacted Penal Code Section 1001.80 commonly known as “Military Diversion” Statute.  Codified in Section 1001.80* of the California Penal Code, this law allows for a person who honorably served AND as a result of that service, suffers from enumerated mental disorders (including PTSD)  to suspend misdemeanor criminal proceedings and attend counseling. 

A California Superior Court Judge who later determines that the accused service member has successfully completed counseling for a period of no longer than 2 years, the Court shall order that case dismissed and the underlining arrest to have never occurred.  This statute applies to all misdemeanors and specifically applies to DUIs.  

Veterans who May Apply**:

  • Active Duty Service Members

  • Honorably Retired United States Marines

  • Honorably Retired United States Army Veterans

  • Honorably Retired United States Navy Veterans

  • Honorably Retired United States Coast Guard Veterans

  • Honorably Retired United States Air Force Veterans

**A valid form DD-214 outlining the service period and nature of discharge is a prerequisite to qualification for this statute.

Types of Charges that Qualified Service Members and Veterans May have Diverted and Dismissed under California Military Diversion, Pen Code §1001.80 filed by a San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer:

Misdemeanor DUIs – Misdemeanor Domestic Violence – Misdemeanor Substance Abuse - Misdemeanor Drug Possession – Misdemeanor Theft – Misdemeanor Check Fraud – Misdemeanor Trespassing – Misdemeanor Reckless Driving – Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct – Misdemeanor Vandalism - Misdemeanor Hit & Run – Misdemeanor Suspended License – Misdemeanor Contempt of Court – Misdemeanor Violation of Stay Away Orders – Misdemeanor Assault – Misdemeanor Battery – Misdemeanor Stalking – Misdemeanor Prostitution – Misdemeanor Disturbing the Peace – Misdemeanor Indecent Exposure – Misdemeanor Urination in Public – Misdemeanor Drunk in Public

Our attorneys have successfully petitioned San Diego Superior Court Judges for this treatment for many of our active duty and honorably retired clients. We live to serve those who have served us.

Worried about affording a private lawyer for your application for military diversion? Fear Not, your honorable service gives you a perfect credit rating with our office, payment plans are available.

**California Penal Code Section 1001.80(b) states:

If the court determines that a defendant charged with an applicable offense under this chapter is a person described in subdivision (a), the court, with the consent of the defendant and a waiver of the defendant’s speedy trial right, may place the defendant in a pretrial diversion program, as defined in subdivision (k). (2018) CA PEN CODE § 1001.80(b).

Hola from, Spanish speaking attorney

Spanish Speaking Lawyer in Southern California

Abogado que habla Español Atención! Alguna vez ha visitado a una corte in San Diego? Los acusados suelen parecer hispanos y llevan apellidos como “Guzmán”, “Sanchez” y “González.” La sistema de justicia Norte Americana no es necesariamente justo por todos los cuídanos. Así que es clave llegar al corte a lodo de un abogado que le entiende bien y que es sabio de la sistema de leyes Californianos. Llama ahora a y disfruta de la seguridad que viene con la confianza de tener propio licenciado dedicado a entendiéndole y luchando por su libertad. Llámanos Ahora Se Habla Español 619-876-0992


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Appearance Attorneys

Are you an attorney with a full court calendar?  We offer appearance services that can be arranged in as few as ninety [90] minutes for many courthouses in the San Diego County Superior Court, Riverside County Superior Court and Orange County Superior Court. Speak with a special appearance coordination attorney today.


Gave me a second chance at life - A review by a LOS ANGELES COUNTY CRIMINAL DEFENSE CLIENT (Narcotics Possession for SALES)

Posted by Jared (Review of his Criminal Defense Attorney)
August 3, 2017

I found out about Marcus through a friend and met through production work. After I was arrested with a felony possession of a Controlled substance(100 pills of MDMA) in January. I was released without seeing the judge after 3 days in jail thinking i was fine and free. 2 Months later a detective with a warrant showed up at my door knocking and yelling my name for the longest 15 minutes of my life at 6:45am a Wednesday morning in March. I stayed silent, frightened and shocked in a closet upstairs getting in comfortable clothes just in case i had to go to jail and then I called Marcus (waking him up). He awoke immediately handling business. I paid and signed up as an official client of his law group, signing paper work that morning and boy was it worth it.

Marcus got the warrant taken away almost instantly as he promised my presence in court first thing Friday morning. He showed up more prepared than I could ever hope for driving up from San Diego to LA with a hired Bail Bondsman in case i was sentenced. I could have spent 4 years in jail for a felony, but instead plead guilty to enter the Differed Entry of Judgement Program(PC 1000) for first time Drug Offenders. Its a 4 month Drug Program in rep with 4 months of AA, CA or NA. It was a dream come true to tell my parents from my cell phone I wasn't going to jail that morning.

I have now found a new love for life and taken on responsibility with a new energy because I was given a 2nd chance. I stand before you today a free man 8 months later as my case was DISMISSED by the judge. That's no probation, nothing. It's like the case never even happened. He looked me up and down, as for my lawyer was beside me each of the 3 times I appeared in court, dressed properly and prepared for the best, and gave me a 2nd chance because of the professionalism of my representation. I owe so much to Marcus.

I will thank him for rest of my life. Although I am happy to be free with no record, I shall never forget my darkest and most vulnerable time when I awoke with a detective yelling my full name and apartment number to come outside while I stayed upstairs scared for my life in a closet until I called Marcus. Moving onward with my life. It's important to know who helped you through the roughest part of your life to constantly remind them how they helped you so you can laugh as you remember the past so you never revert back to your irresponsible actions. If you're a young person, adult or parent that needs help, it's worth the call. Thanks again Marcus.


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